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A few quick facts on 123Stat

Who are we?

Did you know that 123Stat was the first traffic analysis service in the world?

It was started in 1996, at a time when nothing had yet been created to monitor the activity of web visitors. Designed as a one-time solution for a particular site it ended up being offered to the public and grew exponentially for several years.

With time came competition and the end of exponential growth, but we managed to hold our own quite well. We have about 120,000 active users and are very well liked by our customers. See what users of the 123Stat app for Wix have to say about our service (we picked this page because it is not maintained by us: these are independent opinions)

We attribute 123Stat's success to three simple points:

  1. the service is fast and reliable: over 20 years of experience have allowed us time to figure out best practices

  2. the data is presented clearly and is easy to grasp: we only show you what we think is relevant so you don't drown in useless facts. We strive to present information simply and clearly

  3. our support is quick and of high quality: we care!

Our founder and CEO

123Stat was founded by Olivier Galy who still works on development and sometimes checks-in on user support. If you are lucky, he may be assigned your support ticket!

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Web Tracking Services, LLC
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